Cubby Nail-Tail Jig Tails

Cubby Nail-Tail shown in hot fluorescent Pink.The Cubby Nail-Tail Jig Tails are available in 16 different color choices.

Cubby Mini-Mite Jigging Tips:

  • Use a 1/64 ounce or 1/32 ounce jig head.
  • The lighter the line, the better the action of the jig. Use 4 pound line or the lightest line that works best for your rod and reel.
  • Most fish feed near the bottom and will be caught within a foot off the bottom.
  • Keep the jig moving. Usually it’s best to slowly bounce the jig on the bottom, pausing for a few seconds between bounces.
  • Fish often strike a jig when it is falling to the bottom or when the line is slack. Watch the line at the surface for any movement.
  • Use a grub or wax worm on the hook to attract more fish in difficult fishing conditions.